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Three Background Areas Prospective Employers Check

Job Sparrow January 15, 2021

Most employers conduct background checks these days to ensure that they hire who they think they're hiring. They also conduct background checks to protect the business from harm. The extent of the background check they conduct depends on the job position and the employer. The following are three areas that the employer usually checks when conducting an investigation...

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How to Keep Your Distance as a Front-Facing Worker

Job Sparrow December 16, 2020

Front-facing workers have the greatest risk of falling ill during the pandemic. Examples of front-facing employees are cashiers, stock people, and managers. You'll have to put forth extra efforts if you currently work as a front-facing worker. There are some ways you can keep your distance and stay safe and healthy during these rough times. Here are three tips for you.

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How to Minimize Your Chances of Getting Sick at Work

Job Sparrow November 20, 2020

As you know, we're all dealing with trying times nowadays. Workers at any job have to take steps to ensure that they do not fall victim to the current viruses that are plaguing the nation. The following are some tips that can help you avoid getting sick at work. Take these tips and use them whenever you can.

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Side Gigs to Boost Your Holiday Cash

Job Sparrow October 23, 2020

Side gigs were king until March 2020 when the pandemic struck and turned entire industries on their heels. With some parts of the country reluctantly reopening and attempting to return to normal, many people are looking for ways to earn a little cash for the holidays. Whether you’re one of the millions living with unemployment or you simply want to supplement your savings to try to make the holidays bright for your family or others, there are still a few side gigs to consider.

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What is Rapport and Why Should You Care?

Job Sparrow September 30, 2020

Many of the job skills that will have a huge impact on your job success are rarely taught in school or in college. These are the types of skills that have more to do with how you interact with other people. These involve your communication skills and the ability to build rapport with others. Keep reading to learn more about rapport and why you should care about it.

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